Early Learning Centre

Family information and developmental programs, such as playgroups, Parent–Child language development initiatives and 3 yr. old activity program and 4 yr. old kindergarten, are delivered on-site at Meadows Primary School.

Community Room One

Monday9.15 – 11.453 Yr old Activity Group
12.30 – 3.30M.S.O.
Tuesday9.30 – 11.30Roster Playgroup
(Samoan speaking facilitator)
12.30 – 4.304 Yr old Kindergarten
Wednesday9.15 – 11.453 Yr old Activity Group
12.00 – 1.30Ready Set to Go
Thursday9.30 – 11.30Playgroup
(Arabic speaking facilitator)
12.30 – 4.304 Yr old Kindergarten
FridayAll day4 Yr old Kindergarten

Community Room Two

Monday - FridayAll day4 Yr old Kindergarten

Enhancement activities, eg. Let’s Read, (ELF) Early learning is fun, Volunteer pathway and training opportunities build on early year’s programs to further strengthen links between families, community groups and support services. These initiatives rely on on-site partnership arrangements with local agencies, parents and volunteers to meet the individual needs of families attending.

The “Ready Set to Go” program encourages the involvement of children who may not otherwise have participated in a formal learning program and links families with a range of relevant services.

The hub operates services as a means of identification of local needs and an early intervention to address barriers for isolated and CALD families to more actively and fully support their child’s lifelong learning opportunities.

In addition, the programs create a stepping stone to broaden the social networks for families and initiates links to other social support services.

Outside the school gates (2007) by Dr. Deborah Warr from the University of Melbourne documents the innovative model used within the MELC and has informed the work of the hub strategy.

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