Our approach to learning

At Meadows Primary School we use a Dialogic Framework for the planning and implementation of all learning. We focus on dialogue as a means to promote higher order thinking skills such as argument and reasoning. This focus on developing thinking through dialogue equips students with linguistic resources that in turn develop reading, writing and numeracy skills.

Teachers use evidence of student learning to drive decisions about teaching. They collect and analyse individual and whole group student data, ensuring that teaching is targeted at every student’s individual point of need.

At Meadows we believe positive behaviours can be taught. We use a School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) framework to support students in their decisions at school. We have developed a matrix of expected behaviours and have weekly classes where these behaviours are explicitly taught to students.

We have a continued focus on further developing the capacity and capabilities of all our staff. Our work will be greatly enhanced as we continue to work with people who have worldwide expertise to guide and challenge us in ensuring we offer the best in teaching and learning for all. Staff have regular access to these experts, including regular planning sessions where support and challenge is part of the culture. This “in-house” Professional Learning allows for greater effectiveness and more successful transference to classroom practice.

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