Broadmeadows Schools Network

The Broadmeadows Schools Network (BSN) has been formed to help improve student outcomes across Broadmeadows.

The BSN embraces and celebrates the diversity of both schools and individuals by promoting a culture of excellence and an ethos of sharing, cooperation and mutual support.

It will drive ongoing improvements to ensure that our community of learners acquire the appropriate skills and knowledge to significantly improve student outcomes, and have access to a broad range of successful pathways.

It aims to challenge and change perceptions of education in Broadmeadows by attracting and retaining the best performing teachers, and ensuring its schools collaborate to maintain the high standards they have achieved in recent years.

The BSN is currently deciding how that overarching governance structure will work, and will be responsible for implementing and managing the governance into the future.

What are the benefits of the BSN?

The BSN will facilitate the sharing of ideas and opportunities, enabling the Broadmeadows schools to draw on a wide range of thinking, resources and support. It will enable the development of community-wide school strategies and a deeper and more efficient exploration of current school issues.

It will help to build a sense of professional trust and connectedness between staff and school leaders of all Broadmeadows schools.

What are its top priorities?

The BSN is building a structure that will enable ongoing opportunities for collaboration between schools, such as the sharing of specialisations and facilities, and increased professional development opportunities.

The BSN priorities are to:

  • Improve student outcomes across Broadmeadows
  • Open up new curriculum opportunities and opportunities for specialisation
  • Attract and retain high quality staff
  • Use critical mass to achieve efficiencies
  • Provide access to shared partnership opportunities
  • Work together on solving shared problems, eg. Attendance, perceptions of education within the Broadmeadows community / level of parental engagement
  • Reduce the level of enrolment competition across the Network.
What else will the Network do?

The BSN will work together on common issues that affect schools in Broadmeadows. Having eight school leaders as part of the Network, this approach will help to reduce the resources that would otherwise be spent on these issues, such as labour, time and costs.

For example, the BSN is currently working with all schools on developing methods to increase and maintain attendance, and find different ways of engaging with families. The findings will be refined and shared with other schools.

What is the BSN currently working on?

The BSN is currently working to agree and implement the governance model; establish a BSN brand; and develop communication templates and materials for the Network. It is also working with schools to improve attendance and family engagement.

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